At Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, we want all area pet owners to understand the importance of routine vaccinations for their pets. These preventative treatments can spare owners the agony of urgent care visits that require them to make painful end of life decisions about their pets. Especially for conditions that are so easily preventable.


Give Your Pet the Best Possible Life

It is true that you cannot protect your pet from every foreseeable illness, accident, or injury. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect him from what you can. That is exactly what vaccinations for your pet accomplish.

If you’re concerned about the potential side effects of vaccinations, discuss your fears with your veterinarian. We want you to have peace of mind about what you’re putting into your pets’ bodies and that you are making the best possible medical decision for their future health.

Our veterinarian staff is always available to answer your questions about which vaccinations your pets need and why these vaccinations are important as well as other information about urgent care treatment options, parasite prevention, pet wellness visits, and countless other services we provide.

We believe it is the combination of all these things that help you spare your pet from experiencing many painful and devastating health conditions that are so common today.

Staying on Schedule

It’s not only important to ensure your pets get the vaccinations they need initially, but it is also equally important to make sure they stay on schedule to get their vaccinations year after year.

You can work with your veterinarian to stay on course with vaccinations, preventatives, and more so that your pet is properly protected at all times. Keep in mind that different animals have different needs when it comes to vaccinations. Starting early in your pet’s life is always best as there are some conditions you can vaccinate against that are far worse for young pets.

If you plan to expose your pets to other animals that may not have vaccinations, such as daily walks, obedience classes, pet store visits, etc. you’ll want to make sure you’ve had multiple rounds of vaccinations before doing so.

Keeping your pets on track for their needed vaccinations can feel like a full-time job. At Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, we understand the challenges pet owners face and work with you to remind you of upcoming vaccinations and other preventative health needs for your pets so you can keep your pet healthy and on-track for better long-term health and wellness.

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