If you need a trustworthy vet to help with your pet’s care, come to Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, Pleasanton, CA. Our full-service animal center has the personnel and resources to meet all your pet care needs. From comprehensive preventive care services to emergency vet care and everything in between, you can count on our team to take exceptional care of your dog, cat, kitten, puppy, or exotic pet. Read on to learn more about the services we offer.


Pet Exams and Preventive Care

Our Pleasanton, CA veterinarian offers nose-to-tail pet exams to detect early warning signs of health issues in your pet. This includes a screening of your pet’s heart and lungs for cardiac or respiratory issues and an evaluation of his joints for signs of arthritis. Through wellness exams, our vet can catch problems in their early stages before they cause major damage to your pet’s health. We also offer preventive services like flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, pet vaccinations, dietary counseling, pet dental care, and allergy testing to help keep your pet in good health over the years.


Pet vaccinations not only protect your pet from infectious diseases but also prevent the spread of contagious diseases to pet owners and other pets. We offer core and non-core vaccines for dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies to keep them healthy at every stage of their life.

Pet Dental Care

Our animal center provides quality pet dental care services in the form of annual checkups, dental x-rays, and cleanings. Routine dental care is essential to preserving your pet’s oral health. We’ll sedate your pet to provide him with comprehensive, pain-free dental care.

Surgical Care

In addition to routine pet surgery like spay and neuter procedures, tumor removal, and dental extraction, we offer orthopedic surgical care to treat bone fractures, dislocations, and joint problems that are impacting your pet’s mobility and health.

Puppy and Kitten Care

We’ll monitor your puppy or kitten’s growth and development and ensure they get their series of vaccines promptly to protect their health. For new pet owners, we can provide valuable tips on diet, house training, and puppy/kitten care to help your pet integrate well into your home.

Emergency Vet Care

Our facility offers emergency veterinary care for situations that require immediate attention, such as toxic ingestion, auto accidents, heatstroke, severe lacerations, and more.

Pet Care Services in Pleasanton, CA

For help and support in caring for your beloved pet, there’s no better choice than Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton. Contact us today at (925) 734-8387 for all your pet care needs.


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