Pet Surgery

Your pet requiring surgery can be quite nerve racking for both you and your pet.  Thankfully, many pet surgical procedures are completely routine, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.  The team at the Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton is knowledgeable and professional, able to help with several different types of surgeries.  To better prepare you for your pet's surgery, and to ease your mind, we have put together some frequently asked questions surrounding pet surgery procedures. 


What Is a Routine Pet Surgery?

Many surgeries your pet may require are routine.  One of the most common surgeries a vet will complete is a spay and neuter surgery.  This is a surgery that will make it impossible for your pet to have offspring.  Not only is this a helpful way to control the pet population, but it can help protect your pet from getting dangerous, and potentially deadly diseases in the future.  A spay or neuter surgery can be completed in just a matter of minutes and is often a required stipulation for pet adoptions.  Other common routine surgeries include the removal of a mass or tumor, as well as several dental procedures such as tooth removals. 

What Is an Emergency Surgery? 

Emergency surgery is sometimes necessary in order to help save your pet's life.  This can be a surgery to help set a broken bone, repair a soft tissue, or remove a blockage from the stomach or intestines.  Emergency surgery can be quite concerning, but luckily, can also be very successful with a knowledgeable and experienced veterinarian. 

What Should I Expect from Surgery?

If your pet requires surgery, expect your vet to get some basic vital signs to use as a baseline for your pet.  This can include blood work, getting your pet's temperature, or listening to your pet's heart and lungs.  Sometimes, it is necessary to take some diagnostic images, such as x-rays or ultrasound images.  Following surgery, a vet will give your detailed care instructions.  This may include medication, or physical therapy depending on your pet's surgery.  Your vet may also want to schedule a follow up visit to monitor the ongoing healing progress of your pet. 

At the Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, we strive to help all pets live a long and healthy life.  Sometimes, in order to keep our pets healthy, surgery is necessary.  This can be a frightening and uncertain time, but luckily, most surgeries are routine and can be completed successfully with the help of a caring, knowledgeable, and professional veterinarian.  Based out of Pleasanton, CA, our team is here to help.  If you would like to learn more, or need to schedule an appointment, contact our office today by calling (925) 734-8387.

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