Orthopedics involves the muscles, joints, and skeletal system. Keeping pets in good orthopedic health is an important part of making sure they live long and full lives. Being able to walk, run, and jump is a vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle for a pet. At Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, we provide high-quality services for pets, including orthopedic treatment. Our veterinarian can help your dog or cat stay active and move pain-free for as long as possible.


Symptoms of Orthopedic Problems

When pets aren't feeling well they will often display different types of symptoms. The following are a few of the symptoms a cat or dog may have when experiencing orthopedic problems.

  • Limping is often a sign of joint, muscle, or bone problems.
  • Inability to bear weight on a specific leg or paw is an indication of a possible orthopedic condition.
  • Swelling of the paw or leg may occur.
  • Pets that constantly lick an area of the paw or leg are often experiencing pain.

Performing Orthopedic Surgery

Your dog or cat may need orthopedic surgery for a variety of reasons. These are a few of the specific conditions that might require a vet to perform surgery.

  • Bone Fractures
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Knee Dislocation
  • Torn Ligaments

What is Involved in Orthopedic Surgery?

The first step would include a thorough examination of your pet, followed by a consultation to discuss the best treatment options. Our veterinarian will likely perform a variety of tests, including x-rays and blood work. Sometimes non-invasive treatment is prescribed. The vet may prescribe medication or physical therapy for your pet. If the vet decides that surgery is necessary you will receive a list of preparations to take before surgery. This might include restricting food and limiting water intake for a short time before the surgery. You may need to drop your pet off the night before the procedure. After the surgery, your pet will likely need to limit movement for several weeks during the recovery period.

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At Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, we provide loving care along with the most advanced techniques in veterinary medicine. We offer orthopedic services to keep your pet in the best health possible. We also provide a variety of additional services including comprehensive exams, vaccinations, surgery, and pet dentistry. We offer several specialized services including digestive health treatments and treatment of diseases and viruses. If you are a new pet owner or new to the Pleasanton area, call our team at Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton today at (925) 734-8387 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.

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