Flea and Tick Prevention

If you are a pet owner, you need to be aware of fleas and ticks. Both of these pests are extremely common and can negatively impact your pet’s health and the health of your family. At Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, we would like to help you provide the best flea and tick prevention possible for your pets. Let’s look at some steps to get you started.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Inspect Your Pet Regularly

Just like regular veterinarian pet exams at the animal center, regular flea and tick inspections are important to keep your pet safe. Make sure that you check your pet thoroughly every day, especially during warm weather when fleas and ticks are more active. This is an essential part of pet care.

Use Flea Medication

Flea and tick medications are a great way to keep your animal safe. You can use it as a form of preventative care, either at home or at your vet’s office. If you are unsure which kinds to use, our veterinary care office can help you find the right brand for your pet. They come in forms like creams and collars, meaning you have plenty to choose from. If you use them properly, they can protect your pet from these pests.

Clean Your Yard

While pet care and pet vaccinations are important, you also need to maintain your pet’s environment. If your pet is going to be in your yard, he is at a higher risk of getting fleas or ticks on his body. So make sure that your yard is clean and that there is no standing water or tall grass. These are perfect hiding places for fleas and ticks, so eliminating these issues will make them less likely to be in your yard.

Treat All of Your Pets if One Is Infested

If you have multiple pets and one gets fleas, it is important to treat all of the other animals as well. Otherwise, you might not realize that they have been infected until after the original carrier is treated. Then you will have to deal with it all over again. Consider it part of their preventative care and take the time to check your home. This will provide flea and tick prevention for the future.

Contact Us for Flea and Tick Prevention in Pleasanton, CA

Flea and tick prevention is an important part of animal care. If you are unsure what to do, our veterinarian can provide useful advice and resources. At Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, we are here to provide all of the animal care you need, from pet vaccinations and pet exams to advice on fleas and ticks. Call our team today at (925) 734-8387 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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