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Signs of Disease in Pets

When it comes to pet diseases, time is of the essence. Some diseases can be successfully treated if caught in time and brought in for urgent pet care. At Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton, Dr. Chaudhri lists the early warning signs of pet disease.

Multiple of Symptoms

A huge warning sign that your pet may have a disease is that your pet is showing more than one symptom. For example, your dog is not just eating and drinking constantly, but also urinating more often, going bald, and getting a potbelly. These are the early warning signs of Cushing’s disease.

Change in Personality

If your pet is no longer acting like your pet, then your pet needs a veterinary exam and a few tests. If a pet has suddenly become aggressive, that is often a sign of pain. They do not want to be touched in a painful area. If your pet also loses interest in just about everything and seems tired all of the time, these can also be signs of disease.

Problems Walking

If your pet has problems walking or keeping balance, this could be a sign of disease. For example, dogs that drag a paw when walking may be developing diseases of the spine.

Changes in Appetite

Another major sign of a disease is a noticeable change in your pet’s appetite. If your “chow-hound” suddenly refuses all food, or if your cat suddenly starts gobbling everything in sight, then something is very wrong.

Changes in Elimination Habits

If your pet has chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation, get your pet checked by the vet. Be sure to obtain a stool sample. Likewise, if your pet is urinating more often than usual or strains to urinate and only produces a few drops.

Persistent Cough

If your pet coughs once in a while or even once per day, that is normal. If your pet coughs many times per day, that is not normal. A low, persistent cough is often the first sign of heart disease.

Does Your Pet Show Any of These Signs?

Your pet needs to go to a veterinary clinic right away if it displays one or more of these signs. If you live in the Pleasanton area, contact Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton to book an appointment with Dr. Chaudhri. Call our team today at (925) 734-8387 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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