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How to Maintain Your Pet's Health During the Cooler Months

As the weather cools down, you likely want to keep your pet comfortable and safe. Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton provides veterinary care and pet wellness information that will help you prepare your puppy, kitten, dog, or cats for the winter weather. Here are some tips to help you provide the best care for your pet during the cooler months.

Know Your Pet's Tolerance for Cold

Some pets may have a more difficult time than others regulating their body temperatures. This includes pets with diabetes and heart disease. This also involves checking your pet's feet, as cold weather can cause damage like cracking of the paw pad.

Provide Several Bed Options

Your pet should have access to several beds of varying levels of warmth. A vet may recommend having different types of beds around the house so that your pet can determine how warm they would like to be.

Avoid Grooming

Winter is not the time to have your pet groomed. Keeping your pet's fur long gives it an added layer of protection against the cold. For pets that have naturally short fur, we recommend he or she wears a sweater or coat when they go out.

Keep Your Pet's Paws Clean and Dry

Your pet's paws can collect mud and snow when he or she is outside, which can lead to frostbite or worsen conditions like arthritis. Keep a dry towel handy by the door so you can help your pet wipe down when it comes indoors.

Be Prepared in Case of an Emergency

Even if you do not live somewhere with frequent blizzards, you should prepare for a winter emergency anyway. If your home loses power or water, you want to be prepared to feed and care for your dog or cat.

Contact Us for Pet Wellness Care from Our Vet in Pleasanton

Preventative care is essential all year long, but it is especially important for older pets who might experience conditions like arthritis that worsen in the winter. When it comes to pet health, nutrition, and exercise, our veterinary team can help you plan ahead. Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton can provide veterinary care during the winter months. Whether you have questions about nutrition, exercise, or caring for a new puppy or kitten, we can help. Call our office today to schedule an exam.

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