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Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks

Pet owners have a duty to keep fleas and ticks from bothering their pets and moving into their homes. As much as we all love the warmer weather, it can also be a pain to dogs and cats when it comes to fleas and ticks. It is very hard to get them under control once they invade your home. It can take weeks or even months to get them under control. However, there are many things that you can do as a pet owner to help prevent them from setting up colonies on both your home and pet. We see many different fleas and ticks cases here at Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton. As challenging as it can be to prevent them, seeing a visit to our animal medical center in Pleasanton, CA, so your pet can receive the necessary treatment.

Natural Remedies

Many pet owners may prefer to go the natural route when it comes to preventing fleas and ticks. Garlic is one of the best ways to prevent fleas and ticks although it won’t kill them. You may also consider bathing your pet in apple cider vinegar since fleas and ticks cannot withstand the taste. Also, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and citronella will keep them away.

Combing & Vacuuming

Make sure to use a flea comb to comb your pet’s fur at least once daily. While you are combing their fur, make sure to lay them down on a sheet or white towel to see if there are any droppings they fall off during this process. Shake out any droppings after you comb your pet’s fur into a container. Flush any remnants down the toilet.

Also, make sure to vacuum regularly to ensure there are no fleas and ticks in your home. This includes, vacuuming rugs, carpet, pillows, bare floors, and even upholstered furniture. Be aware that tick infestations can hide underneath your furniture and places that are hard to reach. Be sure to dump the contents within the vacuum after you are done. Parasite prevention is key to keeping fleas and ticks away.

Make Your Pet’s Appointment Today!

If your parasite prevention has failed or you want to take preventative action, visit Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton today. When you visit we will give your best the best in veterinary care. Call (925) 734-8387 to make an appointment today!

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