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Common Pet Problems

It is important to do what you can to keep your pet healthy. However, there are times when pets may require a trip to urgent care for some type of common health issue. Our veterinarians have probably seen it all here at Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton. As much as you may try to prevent your pet from getting sick, there are many reasons that health issues can still occur that are out of your control. Watch out for signs of illness in your pet that may signal emergency pet care.

Ear Infections

Many pets, especially dogs will shake their heads and scratch their ears if they have an ear infection. You will also notice either debris or discharge coming from the ear as well. Most of the time it leaves a bad odor. It can cause very extensive damage if not treated. Sometimes they can be related to allergies, while other times it can be a result of skin issues.


UTIs are common in dogs and it can be very exhausting to deal with. This is because dogs that have urinary tract infections will usually urinate around the house. Inappropriate urination, frequent urination, and even bloody urine are all signs that may indicate a urinary tract infection. However, these same symptoms can also indicate kidney disease and diabetes. Make sure that you get your pet to an emergency pet care if they are having any of these symptoms.

Skin Issues

There are a variety of skin issues that your pet may experience that may require urgent care. Most pets will scratch if they are dealing with itchy skin. It may also appear inflamed, flaky, and red. It is also common for pets to lose patches of hair if they are experiencing a skin issue. Allergies, skin infections, and even parasites are just a few common skin issues.

Call Animal Medical Center Of Pleasanton Today!

Our veterinarians here at Animal Medical Center of Pleasanton can assist you if your pet is dealing with any common health issue. It is always important to have your pet regularly checked out to avoid certain health problems. Give us a call today to learn more about common pet issues!

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